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Labo(rat)ori — extended


8pm, Saturday 18 March

A.P.T Gallery


Choreography: Miguel Altunaga

Dancer: Jacob O’Connell

Painting: Michaela Zimmer

Music: David Preston

"Labo(rat)ori" comprises an ongoing collaboration between Miguel Altunaga, dancer and choreographer, London and Michaela Zimmer, visual artist, Berlin.

In "labo(rat)ori" Miguel Altunaga's choreography is thriving to perfection, only to stop precisely and wittingly the very second before reaching it. 

It is a piece about the perfect form, the perfect time and while clearly showing the possibility of their very existence demanding the viewer to be left in the desire of it.

For "New Material" a new solo was created to interact with the painting 140301 by Michaela Zimmer which is part of the exhibition. It is characterised by a virtually incorporeal, floating chromatic space, with the fourth dimension inscribed within it; time manifested as traces of the performative between the stratified, fragmented layers.

"Timelayers" addresses multiple expressions. They show up and disappear almost unspoken into voids. Still the traces remain perceptible, lingering, loafing about to finally generate new forms. Strange words emerging from single syllables merging into unknown compounds.

Following the performance, Michaela Zimmer and Miguel Altunaga will host a short talk about the work.

Please note that the works by artists Tyler Mallison and Russell Chater installed in the front gallery will be temporarily displaced for the performance. And please arrive between 7:30-8pm for a prompt 8pm start. 


Miguel Altunaga, Rambert Dance Company

Michaela Zimmer



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