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New Material

Newspaper Club

7-9pm, Thursday 16 March

A.P.T Gallery


Guest Artist: Rosalie Schweiker

News has the power to energise and polarise, giving equal form to both fact and fiction. In these 'post-truth' times, how do we determine what's real, what's not and who to believe?


To explore this 'space', New Material is hosting a Newspaper Club: a good old fashioned and democratic round table discussion inspired by classic German television programme Werner Höfers Internationaler Frühschoppen.


All are welcome to join and contribute to an open exploration of the politics and headlines featured in the daily news. The format will be informal and 'round table' discussion, allowing people to come and go as they wish. Newspapers will be provided, as will beer and coffee (while supplies last) to stimulate conversation in keeping with this tried and tested format.


Discussion will be led by artist Rosalie Schweiker, member of the Unite Against Dividers initiative.


Rosale Schweiker

Unite Against Dividers / Keep it complex—make it clear

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